A master degree bioinformatics program in Taiwan

Ueng-Cheng Yang

Bioinformatics Program, National Yang-Ming University
Taipei, Taiwan 11221, R.O.C.
Email: yang@ym.edu.tw

The National Yang-Ming University (NYMU) has established an MS bioinformatics* educational program  in year 2000. NYMU is the first institution that offers formal bioinformatics education in Taiwan. Four different institutes in three different colleges sponsor this program. These institutions are Institute of Biochemistry, Institute of Genetics in College of Life Science; Institute of Medical Biotechnology in College of Medical Engineering and Technology; Institute of Health Informatics and Decision Making in College of Medicine.

The rationale behind this design is to promote the interaction among different disciplines. Besides, the combination of bioinformatics and health informatics will be the future trend. It's better to work together to develop this new program. To complement with this program, we established a bioinformatics center* to provide education and research resource to the campus. The students are required to take an internship either in this center or in other institutions, such as National Center for High Performance Computing, National Health Research Institute in Taiwan. The students can also take an internship in foreign institutions; however, we are still raising funds for their traveling and accommodations.

*    Both the bioinformatics program and bioinformatics center are supported by the

    "Program to promote academic excellence", Ministry of Education in Taiwan, R.O.C.