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In Silico Biology 5, 0021 (2004); ©2004, Bioinformation Systems e.V.  

Alternatively Spliced Human Genes by Exon Skipping - a database (ASHESdb)

Meena Kishore Sakharkar1*, Bagavathi S. Perumal1, Yun Ping Lim2, Lee Pern Chern1, Yiting Yu1 and Pandjassarame Kangueane1

1 Nanyang Centre for Supercomputing and Visualization, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 639798
2 BioInformatics Institute, Matrix, 30 BioPolis Street, Singapore

* Corresponding author; Phone: +65-6790 5836; Fax: +65-6791 1859; Email:

Edited by E. Wingender; received November 10, 2004; revised and accepted November 29, 2004; published December 08, 2004


Alternative splicing of mRNA allows many gene products with different functions to be produced from a single coding sequence. Exon skipping is the most commonly known alternative splicing mechanism. A comprehensive database of alternative splicing by exon skipping is made available for the human genome data. 1,229 human genes are identified to exhibit alternative splicing by exon skipping.


Keywords: alternative splicing, eukaryotic gene structure, exon skipping, multiple splice variants, protein isoforms, protein diversity, skipping patterns, genome wide splicing, full length cDNA sequences, tissue specificity, computational analysis, database