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In Silico Biology 7, 0017 (2007); ©2007, Bioinformation Systems e.V.  

Efficient shape descriptors for feature extraction in 3D protein structures

Aruna Ranganath1*, K. Chandra Shekar Shet and Nagardone Vidyavathi

1 Aurora's Scientific Technological and Research Academy(ASTRA), Hyderabad-500005, Andhra Pradesh (st), India
   Phone: +91-40-2444300664, Email:

2 Dept. of CSE, NITK
   Surathkal, post 575 025, Karnataka (st), India
   Phone: +91-824-2474000; Fax: +91-824-2474060, Email:

3 Dept. of BT, MAMIT
   Nitte, Udupi (DT)-574 110, Karnataka (st), India
   Phone: +91-8258 281264; Fax: +91-8258 281265, Email:

* Corresponding author

Edited by E. Wingender; received October 04, 2006; revised January 31 and April 28, 2007; accepted March 15, 2007; published June 09, 2007


Structural Genomics initiatives are generating an increasing number of protein structures with very limited biochemical characterization. Characterization of a protein's function and understanding the specific nature of a protein's binding is a critical part of both protein engineering and structure-based drug discovery. The accurate detection of binding site in these protein structures can be valuable in determining its function. As shape plays a crucial role in bimolecular recognition and function, the development of shape analysis techniques is important for understanding protein structure-function relationships. This paper describes the use of the continuous wavelet transforms (CWT) for characterizing shape features of 3D protein structures. The goal is to explore the CWT as a multiscale tool to generate rotation- and translation-invariant shape features.

Keywords: continuous wavelet transforms, shape analysis