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Dagstuhl Seminar "Functional Genomics"
GCB 2001
BGRS 2002
"Petri Nets for Metabolic Networks"
Ontology Workshop Tokyo 2003
Ontology Workshop Göttingen 2004
Dagstuhl Seminar ;"Integrative Bioinformatics" 2004
BGRS 2006
Supplement: Workshop "Storage and Annotation of Reaction Kinetics Data"
"Petri Net Applications in Molecular Biology"
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Change of responsibilities

From the middle of 2010 on, the journal is fully managed and maintained by our publishing partner, IOS Press. We are inviting authors to submit directly via IOS Press' online submission system (

This site will be maintained to archive all previously published articles as html documents.

The First ISB Book:
Biological Petri Nets

A compilation of 12 years publishing groundbreaking scientific results on an exciting approach to the complexity of biology, from the inaugural issue until the 2010 Special on this subject.

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Frech, K., Quandt, K. and Werner, T. (1998). Muscle actin genes: A first step towards computational classification of tissue specific promoters. In Silico Biol. 1, 0005. </isb/1998/01/0005/>

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