First Articles

0001   Editorial Edgar Wingender ISB: Just another journal?
0002   Article Andreas D. Baxevanis and David Landsman Homology Model Building of Hho1p Supports its Role as a Yeast Histone H1 Protein
0003   Article Thomas Junier and Philipp Bucher SEView: a Java applet for browsing molecular sequence data
0004 Communication Emmanuelle Roulet, Igor Fisch, Thomas Junier, Philipp Bucher and Nicolas Mermod Evaluation of computer tools for the prediction of transcription factor binding sites on genomic DNA
0005 Article Kornelie Frech, Kerstin Quandt and Thomas Werner Muscle actin genes: A first step towards computational classification of tissue specific promoters
0006 Article R. Hofestädt and S. Thelen Quantitative Modeling of Biochemical Networks
0007 Article Michael Y. Galperin and Eugene V. Koonin Sources of systematic error in functional annotation of genomes: domain rearrangement, non-orthologous gene displacement, and operon disruption
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